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Bay Windows


What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are comprised of three windows that extend from your home. The idea behind having the window extend away from the building is that more light can be let into your home, and more of the outdoor scenery can be viewed. Due to this feature bay windows are commonly found in living rooms, master bedrooms, family rooms, and sometimes breakfast nooks.

Typically, bay windows are comprised of a fixed center window and two casement windows on the outer sides, but can also be built using a combination of windows such as hung windows.

Why Go With Bay Windows?

The structural design of bay windows inherently allows them to bring more light into the living space when compared to standard fixed, hung or casement windows placed flat against a wall. Bay windows are also great for bringing fresh air into your home when fitted with casement windows on the one or both of the outer sides, since the extension from the wall allows the windows to be more exposed to breezes.

Originally designed with the intention of capturing magnificent views, specifically those of lake or ocean view “bays”, bay windows can be an excellent addition for any home with an amazing view to be captured. Prominently featured on homes built during the English renaissance, bay windows would traditionally be placed at the end of a great hall; overlooking a bay or other picturesque viewpoint.

German Engineered, Canadian Made

Being comprised of a combination of our casement and picture window options, bay windows from Kempenfelt Windows & Doors are proudly manufactured in Canada and feature;

  • Stainless steel multipoint hardware and metal hinge-side catches with sash lift for long-term ease of operation
  • Fusion welded vinyl chambers and shadow grooved welds provide strong and beautiful seamless corners, and ensure that corners never need to be touched up
  • Co-extruded PVC triple seal with primary and secondary weather sweeps
  • Clean white nesting handle and strong-arm locking handle hardware (casement and awning windows)

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Rehau Window Systems

We are proud dealers of Rehau window systems. With 60 years of European design excellence, Rehau window systems are built to last and look great for years to come. With a focus and dedication to making high quality products, Rehau window systems are designed to be energy efficient, quiet and durable in even the toughest conditions. With available multi-point locking hardware, steel reinforcements and forced-entry-resistant frames, Rehau systems are also amongst the most secure on the market.

Euro Vinyl Window Systems

Producing and designing some of the highest quality casement, awning, hung, tilt & turn, and slider windows available, Euro Vinyl window systems are available in a wide range of design patterns and colours. These systems are built with uPVC vinyl which is highly efficient, scratch resistant, and chemical resistant. Built with galvanized-steel-reinforced frames, maintenance-free vinyl and fusion-welded frame and sash corners, the Euro Vinyl products offered and installed by our expert installers are built to last, be very low maintenance

Efficient Windows That Perform

We stand behind the high efficiency performance of all of our window products. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and shapes, you can be certain that your windows will keep your home heated or cooled efficiently.

Only The Best For Your Home

Kempenfelt Windows & Doors has been servicing southern, central and northern Ontario with the highest quality products and truly professional installations for over 25 years. Entrusting us with your project ensures that it is fitted with the highest quality windows and doors available at a time that’s right for you, without sacrificing in quality and reliability.

If you’re looking to learn more about bay windows and how they can enhance your home or project, talk to our team of product professionals today, or visit one of our showrooms to view sample products for yourself.

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