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Thinking of Replacing Your Windows This Spring? Consider These Windows

Thinking of Replacing Your Windows This Spring? Consider These Windows

As the weather starts to warm and sunny days become more frequent, many homeowners in our region will be starting to think about their spring and summer projects. One project many homeowners must undertake at some point during homeownership is window replacement.

While it may not sound like the most exciting thing at first, new windows can make a significant visual difference to your home inside and out, and can even improve the insulation of your home. New windows are also likely to fix any cold drafts that you may be experiencing in your home. The benefits to window replacements can be much greater than you probably realize!

So Many Options

If you are beginning to realize how exciting and promising a window replacement project can be, you might have noticed while looking into your options, how many choices there are! With so many design styles and trends constantly coming in and out, window development has grown to cater to a wide range of styles; resulting in many different types of windows. To help understand your options, here is a brief overview from some of the more basic types, to some of the higher-end and custom options.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the standard window type and along with awning windows, they are among the most energy-efficient windows you can install in your home. They are housed in a frame and hinged from either the left or right side; opening outward. Providing excellent light and ventilation, they are popular for a very good reason.

Awning Windows

Most windows in our region are simple side-hinged casement windows. Awning windows are similar in design, except that they hinge from the top of the window frame rather than from the side. Awning windows provide a unique appearance and benefits. Awning windows can provide outdoor ventilation for your home during any season or weather, since the glass protects the interior of your home from being too exposed to elements such as rain or snow.

Picture Windows

Another very common window type, picture windows are large, generally stationary windows that can be found in homes across our region. Common in larger rooms and living spaces, picture windows can let in a great deal of outdoor lighting while providing your home with excellent insulation. Picture windows are the best choice for capturing the view outdoors.

Bay Windows

Providing a classic and obvious look, bay windows are windows, generally in sets of three, that extend from your home outwards. Popular for capturing views and letting in outdoor light, bay windows are popular in living rooms, family rooms and master bedrooms. Generally, the center window is fixed.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows are comprised of four or more windows joined together to form a more even curve. Usually, casement windows will surround a set of interior fixed windows, but all windows can be fixed as well. Bow windows are common in many of the same spaces as bay windows.

Specialty Windows

Looking for something extra unique? Specialty windows may be what you are looking for. These are common in custom building for extravagant and unique window designs such as rounded and arcs. Specialty windows can be designed for literally any room in your home and can provide a highly unique visual aspect to your home inside and out. If you want your home to stand out, consider looking into specialty window options.

We Can Do it All

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