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The 5 Best Rooms to Install Awning Windows


When you’re installing new windows in your home, awning windows should always be on your radar. With hinges at the top for easy opening, they’re one of the best options for promoting better ventilation. However, you might be at a crossroads when it comes to evaluating which room would be best suited for awning windows.

With over 25 years of experience providing and installing windows to customers throughout the Simcoe region, we’ve seen our fair share of awning windows. That’s why today, we thought we’d walk you through the five rooms in a home best suited for this particular type of window and how they can make a difference in your day to day activities.

1. The Bedroom

A bedroom may not be the first room you think about when you consider a window that opens and closes, but it should be. Especially in homes that may not have air conditioning installed, an awning window in the bedroom means that you’ll be able to regulate temperatures more easily and effectively. As an added bonus, awning windows allow you to enjoy the sounds and smells of the natural world outside. Instead of falling asleep to the radio, an awning window allows you to drift away listening to the chirping of crickets and the aroma of petrichor during a rainfall.

2. The Kitchen

Home kitchens see a lot of use, which is why awning windows are so perfectly suited for them. Their easy-to-open mechanism means that whether you’re airing out the room after a cooking mishap or just getting rid of extra moisture in the air, you’ll be able to do so quickly and without having to pause your other activities. Awning windows in a kitchen typically see year-round use, and, as with any of our window styles, can be customized to suit the decor of your kitchen area.

3. The Basement

Basements can be many things – a storage area, a rec room, a guest suite – but one thing they’re usually not is well-ventilated. Awning windows in a basement not only let in natural light to help illuminate the space, but they also make it possible to let in outside air or expel stale air from indoors. This makes your basement not only more welcoming but can also help prevent musty odours and excess humidity from building up.

4. The Living Room

As the name suggests, the living room is where many of us pass quality hours with friends and family. There are plenty of other windows that can be installed in this area, but small awning windows placed just above these larger focal points can give you the option of ventilation without seeking a window replacement for existing picture windows. This can also help with temperature regulation throughout the year, saving you money on your energy bills.

5. The Bathroom

Awning windows are perfect for venting excess humidity, and bathrooms are known for dealing with more steam and moisture than the rest of the house. Allowing humidity to escape through an awning window in your bathroom means that your paint, walls, and internal decor will be exposed to less moisture than they otherwise would, which prolongs their lifespan and reduces the need for repairs or replacements. If you put an awning window in only one room of your home, it should be the bathroom.

Awning Windows from Kempenfelt Windows and Doors

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