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Spring-Ready: 6 Steps to Window & Door Maintenance

As the brisk winter days make way for the gentle warmth of spring, it’s time to shift our focus to essential home maintenance. Your windows and doors, vital components of your living space, require special attention to ensure they’re ready for a fresh new season. Let’s explore practical tips for preparing your windows and doors for spring in Ontario.

#1. Revitalize and Refresh

Bid farewell to winter by revitalizing your windows and doors. Inspect them for any signs of wear, checking hinges, frames, and seals. Winter weather can be harsh, and a thorough examination helps identify areas that might need attention. A deep spring clean of your living spaces should include a refresh for your windows and doors. Clear away the remnants of last season by washing windows inside and out. Sweep away any debris or cobwebs from frames and sills. Wipe down door surfaces, paying extra attention to corners and edges. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your vinyl window since it can severely damage the frames and the windowpane. One option for a sparkling clean aesthetic is to use one microfiber cloth to damp wipe your windows, and then a dry microfiber cloth to smooth away any moisture streaks.

#2. Check and Replace Weather Stripping

Winter might have taken a toll on your windows and door weather stripping, compromising its effectiveness. Check for wear and tear, replacing any damaged stripping. A tight seal around windows and doors is crucial for energy efficiency as the seasons change and the temperatures rise.

#3. Lubricate Moving Parts

The mechanical components of windows and doors benefit from regular lubrication if you are interested in having them last. Apply recommended lubricant to hinges, locks, and any moving parts to ensure smooth operation. This simple step prevents stiffness and ensures your windows and doors function seamlessly.

#4. Examine Screens and Ventilation

With the impending arrival of spring, most of us begin to desire fresh air. Before you fully embrace opening windows and doors, inspect screens for any damage. Clean or replace screens to facilitate proper ventilation while keeping insects at bay.

#5.  Address Caulking and Seals

Winter freezes and thaws can impact caulking and seals. Check for gaps, cracks, or shifting, especially around windows. As the temperatures rise, keep your home comfortable by preventing drafts or moisture through proper maintenance. Learn more about keeping your home comfortable here.

#6. Plan for Repairs and Upgrades

If your visual inspection reveals significant issues, spring is an ideal time for repairs or upgrades. Consider replacing windows or doors that show signs of extensive wear. Upgrading to energy-efficient options can enhance comfort and contribute to long-term savings.

By dedicating some time for these spring-ready window and door maintenance steps, you’ll ensure your windows and doors are in optimal condition. A well-maintained home is essential for comfort, style, and proper function. Making even minor upgrades can bring major benefits! As we head toward spring and summer, if you’re considering repairs or upgrades, our team at Kempenfelt Windows & Doors is ready to assist. Contact us for a consultation tailored to your home’s specific needs at info@kempenfeltwindows.com or (705) 737 – 1554.

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