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It’s Almost Here: Time to Start Preparing for Spring!

It’s Almost Here: Time to Start Preparing for Spring!

Groundhog season has come and gone this year with some controversy as to when spring will arrive in 2019. Whether you put your spring prediction trust onto Wiarton Willie or Shubenacadie Sam, one thing is for certain; spring is on the way! Many homeowners in our region will be starting to think about getting their homes ready for the winter thaw and spring season. Have you started going over your home checklist?

Winter weather and conditions can be harsh on homes; areas such as concrete foundations, external door and window seals, and rooftops can sustain wear or damage from the cold winter temperatures and abundant snow; especially when it freezes or begins to melt. Having a list to go over once the snow melts can help minimize the risk of running into issues with any of these areas in your home. We have put together a checklist of some tasks to consider undertaking after winter has passed and the snow has begun to melt away.

Check Your Window Seals

Dry, cold winter air can do a number on window seals especially if your seals are already old and drying out. If you spot or feel a leak, try scraping off old caulk and applying some fresh product for a perfect new seal. This can help maintain your home’s internal temperature and help your energy bill in the process!

Inspect Your Foundation, Walkways & Patio for Cracks

Harsh winter elements can do some significant damage to concrete and wood. Cracks that present themselves during the winter season can allow water to get into damaging places. Watch for cracks and pooling water near your foundation and repair them as soon as you can to minimize the risk of serious damage.

Clean the Gutters

No one likes this one, but it is important to make sure that your roof and home remain damage-free from water leakage. Start with a perimeter check to find any damage to gutters. Wearing gloves, use your hands (or any small tools that fit and won’t cause damage) to clear any blockages in the gutters; the key is to make sure there are no water buildups or blockages, and that water is free to flow down to the ground. It might also be wise to check your chimney and shingles for damage or leaks while you are up.

Check and Replace Filters

Have a look at your water, HVAC and range hood filters. Generally, these systems house filters which require servicing every 4 – 6 months. Spring cleanup is a good time to check them out and service if necessary!

Clean the Windows

Spring is an excellent time to have your windows looking crystal clear. We have provided tips for cleaning your windows before; have a look at how you can have the finest looking windows on the block!

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Cold temperatures can have a significant impact on battery life and condition. Make sure the cold weather hasn’t hindered the batteries inside of your smoke detectors by testing their function. It takes very little time and can save lives!

Spring Is Around the Corner

No one likes yard work and household chores but following these tips can help ensure that your home stays in tip top shape, prevent structural damage and issues, and even save your life. Take some time when spring comes to take care of your home.

If you have been considering replacing your home windows when the snow melts, or maybe giving your front entrance a new look with a bold new front door, our team of product specialists and expert installers can help you find what you’re looking for. From product selection to installation and maintenance; we can do it all. Talk to us today to get started!

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