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How to Tell if a Specialty Window is Right for Your Home


When it’s time to consider replacement windows, there are plenty of options to choose from, but one of the styles that we get the most questions about are specialty windows. There’s no question that a specialty window is a statement piece in your home. It’s frequently the window that gets the most comments, or that adds an element of originality to an otherwise standard structure. However, not all spaces are right for specialty windows.

Today, we’re going to discuss the three questions you need to ask to determine whether or not a specialty window is right for your home.

Could the Space Benefit From Natural Light?

First and foremost, picture the area in your home where you are considering placing a specialty window. Is it an area that could benefit from some natural light? Would it help brighten the rest of the room, or enhance a particular architectural feature of your home? If so, a specialty window could be just the ticket.

You’ll frequently see some manner of specialty window at the apex of a steeped wall, or positioned just over an entryway door. This helps make the most of the natural light outside, and homes with ample natural light can save on both lighting and heating/cooling costs. A carefully-placed specialty window can do a lot to make your home more energy-efficient, and that alone is a good reason to install one – but, as we’ll cover, it’s not the only element that should influence your decision.

Will the Specialty Window Need to Open?

As the name suggests, specialty windows can be made to meet almost any specifications you wish, including whether or not it can open or not. However, the majority of specialty windows are created for design and light allowance, not function, which is why they’re more suited to areas of the home that aren’t frequently used.

Specialty windows can also be created in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes, and some of these, while cosmetically attractive, aren’t suited to frequent or heavy use through opening and closing. For example, let’s imagine a custom-designed circular window with a one-of-a-kind ironwork decoration. It will function perfectly well to allow light into the space, but it might be too heavy to reliably rotate on a single hinge.

But there again, what is the main function you want your specialty window to perform? If it’s important that the window be easy to open and built to withstand frequent use, you may want to consider a different style, like casement windows or tilt and turn windows.

Is the Placement Somewhere Difficult to Reach?

If you’re looking to install a window in a location where you or your family members spend a lot of time, you’ll likely want to consider whether you want a statement specialty window or a more basic, functional window. By way of example, let’s consider a kitchen. There’s a wall just above the sink that would be perfect for a window. But should you install a casement window that slides up and down or a specialty window with a customized glass design?

Kitchens see a massive amount of use and are particularly subject to changing temperatures (as well as the occasional burnt toast). An ornate glass window would be beautiful but would be completely useless if you needed to air out the space. In this particular instance, a casement window would likely be more suitable.

Now, by counterpoint, let’s consider a wall space above your front door. You can’t reach it easily, and so you’re unlikely to want to open a window there. A specialty window would be the right choice here since it can simultaneously improve the appearance of your home from the outside and allow more natural light into your entryway.

Finding the Perfect Specialty Window

If you’re ready to enhance your home with a specialty window, it’s time to call Kempenfelt Windows & Doors. We’ve been voted Barrie’s Best Window & Door Company for 22 years in a row, and our service speaks for itself. We’ll work with you to find the right window at a competitive price, so you can be genuinely delighted with your stunning new specialty windows.

For more information on our specialty windows or window replacement services, give us a call at (705) 737-1554.

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