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11 Tips on How You Can Inexpensively Safe-Proof Your Home

As a proud homeowner, you cherish your home and everything in it.  But there may come a day when you come home to find you have been burgularized.   It can be a devastating experience and you may lose more than just money and portable and easily resold items – you may incur damage to your […]

13 Must Read New Ideas for Selling Your Home Online

Although predictions were that home sales were going to drop in Ontario due to recent changes, the statistics show that the housing market is still going strong in 2013. Thanks to an article in Readers Digest, here are some very relevant ideas on selling your home online whether through a Real Estate Agent or a […]

Beware of the Cowboys – 5 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

As a home owner, you undoubtedly want to protect your biggest investment right? If you are a “Do It Yourself” owner, more power to you because you will make sure any repairs or upgrades to your home are done right. But when you encounter those times when you are unable to do it yourself, you […]

Overlooked and Under-rated – How to Save on your Energy Bill

If you are a homeowner, no doubt you’ve noticed your energy bills consistently going higher and higher each year.  Unfortunately energy rates will not go down in our lifetime.  But we can plan on how to reduce our bills by reducing our energy consumption. One of the most obvious ways is to check our windows […]


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