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Cold, Drafty Home? Some Signs Your Windows May Need to Be Replaced

It’s not the most fun or glamorous housework project in the world, but replacing your windows must be done. Do you remember the last time you put in new windows? Or most likely, did your current windows come with your house when you bought it? Did you know that depending on the quality of your windows, every 15+ years you should be replacing the windows in your home?

If you don’t know when your windows were last replaced, there are many signs you can look for. However, many people overlook the condition of their windows. When you overlook the condition of your windows, you overlook the problems they can cause.

Read more to find out!

1. Your Windows Are Hard to Use

Windows that need to be replaced often are known for being hard to open and even harder to close shut. Operating your window should not require a pre-workout stretch. If yours do, it’s likely time for them to be replaced! Replacing your windows is for more than comfort though. Windows that are too old can even be hard to lock, posing potential security issues as well.

2. You Spend A Fortune On Electricity

Are the heating and cooling bills for your home astronomical? Does your home feel cold? If so, try going to your window on a cold day and seeing if you can feel a breeze through it. If this is the case, your windows could be the reason for your sky-high utility bills. You can look at new windows as an investment, as you will be saving monthly on your bills!

3. You Can Hear Your Neighbours Sneeze

Okay, maybe you can’t hear them sneezing. But, if your neighbourhood surroundings are louder than you would like them to be in your home, your windows could be the culprit. New windows can provide you with the sound insulation you need to enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve!

4. Your Window Frames Are Beyond Chipped

There’s chipped paint and then there’s decaying paint. If your window frames are the latter, they should be changed as soon as possible. This is especially true as decaying frames can lead to mould, posing health risks for you and your loved ones. New window frames can not only approve the curb appeal of your home but also be an investment into the health of your family!

5. Condensation Between Your Windows

This indicates that the seals of the windows have been damaged or broken. If left unmanaged this can lead to leaks in your home. Replacing your windows when their seals have been damaged is a way to proactively protect the other areas of your house that could be affected by a potential leak.

Do any of these signs exist in your home? At Kempenfelt Windows & Doors we can help give you an update with our quality windows. Whether you need awning windows, bay windows, sliding windows, hung windows, or more, we can help give your home’s windows the love they deserve. Send us a message online for more information.

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