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Add Value to Your Home With Energy Efficient Bay Windows

Beautiful bay windows have made it possible to add an element of elegance and beauty to any home. They work best on larger patios and can really bring life to a backyard or even the front porch. Bay windows are also energy-efficient, which helps you save money. For this reason, many homes are choosing bay windows when completing projects around the home. But with all the choices available for them, homeowners often wonder which is the best style of windows for them. The best time to decide on which window replacement option is the best for you is before you even start looking. If you’re unsure of whether you should make minor updates to your windows or take the plunge and purchase new ones, this blog is for you. Here are some alternative suggestions to give your windows a minor upgrade.

Give Your Current Windows a Good Clean or Repaint

If you don’t have the option of installing new bay window panels, another option for improving the appearance of your space is to have the old ones cleaned and repainted. Although this project will require some extra work, it is typically fairly easy to accomplish and does not require hiring a professional company.

Add New Siding

Another option is to add new siding to the exterior of your old windows. Siding can be purchased pre-fabricated and simply attached to the existing windows using screws. If you choose to buy pre-fabricated siding, make sure that you measure the area where the siding will be installed to ensure that you purchase the correct size. This is especially important if you are replacing two-story windows. Three-story windows may require a different siding style because they will require an additional frame to go along with the new windows.

When it comes to adding insulation to your bay window space, another great idea is to install new double panes or glass. These newer products provide the type of insulation that older windows lack while offering a higher level of ventilation to help keep your home cooler during the summer months. Double panes and glass panes help to provide more insulation, which allows the heat to stay out of the hotter areas of the house and allows the sunshine to penetrate to provide cooling in the cooler areas. The glass panes or screens used to block sunlight will also filter the dust and humidity that can enter into the house through the windows. Both of these products help to keep your heating and cooling costs down.

Or…Replace Your Windows

The most popular option today is to replace old windows with new double-hung or even triple-pane ones. While they may take more time to install than regular windows, they offer the advantage of offering the same level of insulation benefits from the old style of windows without the need for additional installation. Double-hung and triple-pane windows can also be purchased in various shapes to match the existing shape and design of your home. This option is less costly than other options and can also be installed easier than others because the doors do not swing in or out; they simply slide in and out. They can also be custom ordered to fit the dimensions of your bay window perfectly and come with matching frames and shades to increase the appearance of your space while increasing its energy efficiency.

Get Stunning, Energy Efficient Windows

You will enjoy increased curb appeal and an improved energy efficiency rating with energy-efficient windows from Kempenfelt Windows and Doors. The increased curb appeal is one of the main selling points of the bay window and the ability to increase the resale value of the home. An increased energy efficiency rating will help lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning your home for many years to come!


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