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4 Reasons to Choose Bay Windows

The windows you choose can make or break the room they’re placed in. If they’re too small, they might not let in enough light. If they don’t open, you might not be able to ventilate when you need to. If they’re a single, small picture window, they might make a room feel stagnant or stuffy.

At Kempenfelt Windows & Doors, one of our favourite window designs are bay windows. They’re a versatile, instantly stylish option, but if you’ve never owned a set before, you may not be sure why they’re more desirable than any other kind of window. Today, we’ve put together a primer on four reasons why you’ll love bay windows and why they’re a great choice for your home.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are a set of three windows that are angled in such a way so as to extend outwards from the wall they’re installed in. Frequently found in kitchens or living rooms, bay windows are as much a functional way to let in light as they are a way to make a stylistic statement. Most bay windows are fixed in place, but the two framing windows can be created to open as desired, making it easy to allow ventilation and enjoy the outdoor breeze on pleasant days.

Why Should I Pick a Set of Bay Windows?

Scenic Seating

Bay windows extend out from the house, which means that they create a little extra floor space on the inside of your home. This space can be outfitted with chairs, a small table, or a window bench, making it perfectly suited to a breakfast nook or a cozy reading zone. In fact, with the right splash of colour and a few personal touches, it’s easy to make your bay window the focal point – and most desired seating area – of the entire room. 

Better Lighting

Not all houses are built facing the right direction for sunlight, which can leave some rooms feeling perpetually dark and dreary, even with a window. Because bay windows allow light in from three different angles, they maximize the light you’re able to capture, especially during changing seasons. This makes them especially well-suited for rooms that receive a lot of traffic or that you spend a good amount of time in.

Architectural Enhancement

Dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, bay windows are an easy way to add classic appeal and striking architectural lines to your home. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re exclusively Victorian in style, though – your choice of windows and frames can make your bay window feel fresh and modern, too.

Function and Style

Bay windows are unique in that they’re not just another way to let in light – they functionally change the shape and workable floor space of the room they’re placed in. This means that no matter where you place them, you’ll have a room that feels larger and more spacious than it really is. In addition to improving the functionality of the space, bay windows also fulfill all the requirements of any other window style, including energy efficiency, ventilation, and light allowance. There’s just no better choice if you’re aiming to combine function with style.

Bay Windows from Kempenfelt Windows & Doors

At Kempenfelt Windows & Doors, we carry a selection of bay windows from both Canadian and international manufacturers, allowing you to choose between the latest styles and design choices.

You don’t need to worry about installation, either – our in-house team of installation technicians is well-trained in the proper installation of both windows and doors. With stainless steel multipoint hardware and co-extruded PVC triple seal to protect against the elements, you can be confident that your bay windows will withstand whatever Canadian weather can throw at them.

If you’d like more information on our selection of bay windows, call our office at (705) 737-1554 or send us a message online. We look forward to helping you create the room of your dreams with the perfect windows for both your home and your budget.

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