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Your 2014 Colour of the Year is….Teal!

Renovating your home is an exciting process, but it’s also a process that involves many decisions along the way. Be it installing new windows and doors, or providing a fresh new paint job throughout your Barrie home, there are a vast amount of styles and colours to consider before beginning your project!  Like most of our purchasing habits, our decision to in fact buy something, is greatly derived from social influences.

As professionals in the interior design and home renovation industry, it’s important for us to have vast knowledge of current and upcoming trends. Future Colours is made up of various experts from the design, architecture, colour and fashion background, who each year come together to discuss their predictions for future “colour trends,” also known as the “ColourFutures project.”

How are colour trends forecasted?

Aside from five popular trends, one central idea is formed that connects those trends. Much of the direction is stemmed from impactful events, worldwide affairs, and our environmental and economical state. The colours of 2013 emphasize the idea of worldwide connections, of networks and dialogue, consisting of several deep blues, neutrals and purples.

Unlocking potential in 2014

2014’s colour palettes and trends centre around the theme of “Unlocking Potential”. The colour theme represents sophistication, balance, versatility, and tranquility; all of which is symbolized by the colour teal.
The theme is based on the below colour palettes and colour moods:

•    Silent Revolution
•    Secret Garden
•    Do It Now!
•    Margin of Proof
•    Urban Folk

“We see a world in search of answers, which provides us with an open and exciting palette of colours to inspire renewal in the year ahead.”
Quote from ColourFutures™

*Watch this quick video A decade of ColourFutures for more information!

What’s behind the meaning of teal?

Blue positively communicates feelings of serenity and harmony, while green positively evokes feelings of balance and peace. Teal is perfect for living areas, bedrooms or bathrooms; any environment in which you’d like to relax and unwind in.

“A tertiary colour, teal is the combination of primary blue and secondary green which today is used to describe several different tones of this majestic colour. Somewhere between blue and green it has come to symbolize balance, but should be combined with neutral tones and shades of wood so as not to overwhelm a space.”
Quote from ColourFutures™

How Kempenfelt Windows and Doors Will Help

At Kempenfelt Windows and Doors, we’ll provide you with style and colour recommendations that will effortlessly complement our upcoming, gorgeous hue! In 2014, it’s all about embracing teal…but what will next year bring?


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