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Window Condensation: Causes and Fixes

If you’re experiencing water or frost on your windows, this is the result of condensation. When warm moist air comes into contact with a cooler dry surface, moisture will cause the inside or the outside of your window to “sweat” or fog. Essentially, it occurs the same way in which your bathroom mirror steams up after a hot shower.


Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

If your windows are experiencing a high level of condensation, it’s likely the result of poor window performance. Typically in this situation, Barrie homeowners will use various means of decreasing the humidity levels in the home, to reduce condensation and increase comfort. While this will help the issue of condensation, it won’t eliminate it entirely. This solution alone can be a challenging task and may even result in higher energy costs.

New windows on the other hand, such as those supplied by Kempenfelt Windows are designed to be airtight, and energy efficient. Reducing the humidity level (post-window replacement) to compensate for the reduced air and heat loss will work to eliminate the occurrence of condensation on your new windows. At the end of the day, when you replace your windows you will accomplish 2 goals: reduce your energy costs, and eliminate the ongoing battle of attaining that perfect humidity level in your home. Quality windows supplied By Kempenfelt Windows will reduce condensation, so you don’t have to worry about solving this yourself.

You may witness minor levels of condensation still, but this is completely normal and there are day to day changes you can make to change this.

How Can You Reduce Condensation in Your Barrie Home?

.Consider taking the following steps to reduce the occurrence of condensation.

  • Ensure your Air Exchanger is operating properly (should you have one)
  • Crack a window or door open daily, to air out your house for a few minutes
  • Keep fans on longer in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room
  • Open drapes and blinds, allowing air to circulate against windows.
  • Turn off any humidifying devices you may have, if your levels exceed the recommended levels
  • Consider installing and using a dehumidifier
  • Replace or adjust weather stripping
  • Replace exterior doors with new energy efficient models
  • Install quality, Eurvovinyl windows in your home.

Kempenfelt Windows provides products that are designed to maximize the energy efficiency of your windows, as well as provide the most insulating power. The warmer you can keep your window glass the lower your chances of experiencing excessive condensation on your windows.

Remember that old drafty windows allow moisture to escape because they are usually leaky from inefficient seals. At Kempenfelt Windows in Barrie, we produce more energy-efficient, windows for “tighter” homes. These are ideal for keeping your home more comfortable, quieter, and clean.  The key is ensuring your windows are of premium quality, and following the above steps to prevent excessive humidity in your home.

If you would like further information in regards to our window selection, or additional tips for reducing condensation in your Barrie home, please contact us today. Call 705-737-1554

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