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Why Choose Bay Windows?

When it comes to the makeup of our homes, windows are the most significant aspect of a house affecting us greatly. From the outside, they represent the architectural style of our home and when placed and sized appropriately, offer a sense of balance and scale. Inside, windows offer natural light and frame our view of the outdoor world. They can also transform a room and dictate how we view it — the colours, textures, and furnishings we select for our living space is often based on the amount of light our windows let in.

A bay window captures light and views from three angles, unlike flat windows that can only grasp light and provide views from one. The deep seat board also provides a cozy perch for reading the paper and watching the world go by.

Remember that the windows you choose for your Barrie home will set the tone of a room and provide your family with a frame for the outside world. When considering which type of windows to choose for your home, there are several routes you can go. Here are just a few reasons however, why bay windows might best suit your unique needs.

Reasons to Consider Bay Windows for Your Barrie Home

  1. If you’re seeking to add some dimension to your home, bay windows can do wonders in providing that. A bay window is designed from three joined windows that together create one stylish window set. While there are several options when it comes to bay windows, the most popular style is an angled bay window that comes away from the house front and slants back towards the wall at a 30 or 45-degree angle.
  2. Bay windows are an ideal solution for replacing large windows in your Barrie home. Not only do bay windows offer three panes to achieve more light and increase your overall views, they also make your room feel larger instantly. This additional nook can turn into the perfect space to display all your cherished items.
  3. Bay windows come in several styles so you can select the design and function that’s most appealing to your needs and tastes. At Kempenfelt Windows and Doors we provide Barrie residents with casement bow windows, casement bay windows, and double-hung bay windows, all with the grille and glass options of choice, allowing you to customize your bay window to match the look of your home.
  4. Bay windows provide charm to any sitting room in your Barrie home. With the addition of stylish window coverings or accessories, your living room can reflect a range of designs to suit the style of your room, whether it is modern or traditional. Here you can be creative with curtains, drapes, sheers and tie-backs. All variations work with this style of window.

Kempenfelt Windows and Doors specializes in supplying an assortment of quality and stylish windows. Whatever you need, Kempenfelt Windows and Doors can assist you with choosing the most suitable bay windows for your Barrie home. As a customer you can rest assured that whether you require replacement windows or windows for your new home, you’ll receive the highest quality at a unbeatable price.

To learn more about our options for bay windows, contact us at 705-737-1554.

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