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When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Windows are an important part of your home. From the comfort of your house, they allow you to observe and experience the outside world. Eventually, these windows will become old and cause you more problems than good. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Investing in replacement windows is a lasting investment, so let’s go over the signs you want to look for when it’s time to replace your windows.

Signs To Look Out For

Buying new windows is an investment, so before you buy them, you want to make sure that your house needs new ones, so let’s go through all the signs to look out for when it’s time to buy new windows.

Difficulty With Window Operation

Eventually, if you have older windows, they will become difficult to open or sometimes they will even be painted shut. You want windows that are easy to open and not a struggle. So you can enjoy the fresh air with ease.

High Energy Bills

When it comes to old windows, the first thing you should check is your energy bill. Why might you ask? When you have old windows, they can have cracks, which can leak cold air into your home, causing your energy bill to be expensive. An easy way to check to see if you have a leak in your window is to hold a candle up to your window, move it around its frame, and see if the candle starts to flicker; if it does, then you have a draft.

By replacing your windows, all those leaks are correctly sealed, ensuring no cool air comes into your home. Another thing is that you can replace your old windows with ones that are energy efficient that are made with an increased amount of insulation which will reduce the amount of energy used in your home.

Hearing Outside Noise

Are you able to hear everything that’s going on outside your home if your windows are closed? Then your windows might not be properly sealed. By replacing your windows, you can reduce the noise entering your home so it can stay quiet and peaceful.


If your windows have condensation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad sign depending on the location. Now, if you see condensation between your window panes, that is a cause for concern, as that could mean that the seals have failed.

Decaying Or Broken Frames

Your window frames are an essential part of your window, and if they start to decay from window damage or are chipped, then they are probably damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced. Soft and decaying windows are a safety issue, so if you notice this, be sure to contact window experts to come and replace your windows.

Windows Leaking

Having windows that leak can lead to puddles of water in your home, which can lead to problems like mold growth. Now you can repair them, but it just puts a bandaid on the situation; the only true way to fix a leaking window is to replace your windows.

If it’s time to replace your windows, Kempenfelt Windows & Doors will get the job done promptly and provide you with the best quality windows.

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