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Welcome to the Future: 5 Window Innovations to Watch Out For

Welcome to the Future: 5 Window Innovations to Watch Out For

It’s probably no great surprise to hear that the windows and doors we use today are drastically different from the ones that were in production a hundred years ago. Steady improvements in technology mean access to better materials, more efficient glass, and creative solutions to old problems.

Here at Kempenfelt Windows & Doors we’re always keeping our eye on the latest innovations for the future. Today, we’d like to share with you five of the coolest window innovations out there…

Liquid Windows

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Liquid windows could be the next big step in energy conservation.

These unique windows, designed as part of the Industrial Development of Water Flow Glazing Systems under Horizon 2020, have a continuous flow of water and ethylene glycol within their panels. The panels themselves function as large solar cells, transforming sunlight into thermal energy, which can then be used for interior heating.

Virtual Windows

Your dream office is perfect, except for one thing – it doesn’t have any windows. Or, if it does, the window looks right out onto the brick siding of the building next door. You shrug, press a few buttons, and just like that, your view shifts to look out onto a stunning natural forest.

The possibilities here are genuinely staggering. While the “virtual windows” currently in production are more like moving wall displays, it does present a wealth of possibilities. Eliminating the need for traditional windows would drastically help increase the insulative properties of a building without mandating that the inhabitants go about their day in darkness.

The “windows” could also function as two-way video communication, making it easy to conduct a conference call, chat with a relative, or check in on a child or pet at home.

Self-Shading Windows

Imagine you’re relaxing inside one summer afternoon. The windows are open, but the sunshine is awfully bright – and hot. You flick a switch, and the glass of your windows shifts from transparent to almost completely black, allowing you to sigh and relax in the shade.

It’s real, and it’s all thanks to the use of electrochromic materials. Electrochromic means that a material can change its color and opacity when electricity is applied. Better yet, once the change happens, it doesn’t take any extra energy to maintain. The only time more voltage will be required is when you want to change the panels back to clear glass.

Another version of this glass is in development where it will naturally transition from clear to shaded without requiring electricity, triggered by the gradual changes in sunlight throughout the day. Don’t be surprised if self-shading properties are a standard feature of the best windows and doors in the future!

Self-Cleaning Windows

This is especially exciting news for homeowners with second-story windows or hard-to-reach windows. In the future, you might never have to wash your windows again.

A special coating for window panels is designed to break down any organic deposits that become stuck to the glass. All that’s needed after that is a good rainstorm to wash the debris away, leaving you with clean, spotless panes. No soap, no scrubbing, no muss, and no fuss. What could be better?

Sound-Blocking Windows

Urban areas are constantly growing. In Toronto, the demand for housing has pushed the price of homes to their highest point in the past three years. This increasing focus on urban living inevitably means that some people will have to make their homes near airports, construction areas, or in a generally noisy section of the city.

However, you won’t necessarily have to move to the country anymore for a bit of peace and quiet.

Sound-blocking windows will use two to three panes of specially prepared glass to resist sound transmission, allowing you to relax in your apartment without having to listen to the jackhammer on the street corner below.

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