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Trendy Colours for Your Front Door

Are you in the Wasaga Beach region, and are considering sprucing up your entranceway area? Perhaps your front doors are becoming outdated, or maybe you’re leaning towards a complete revamp through renovations. In either case, you may be surprised to learn that even a splash of colour can liven up the exterior of your home. So where do you begin? While plants and flower beds provide a gorgeous addition to one’s property during the spring and summer months, they don’t provide Wasaga Beach homeowners with a year-long solution.

How can you achieve a fresh look for the outside of your home that lasts throughout the entire year?


Transform your front door with the help of vibrant paint colour!  Painting your front door with a striking, yet complimentary hue will add style to your home and entranceway, creating a welcoming tone to those visiting. First impressions made by first-time visitors are often credited to the appearance of a front door. Why not liven up your front door to ensure all impressions made are positive ones!  Remember that those popular “Welcome” mats only go so far, and you’ve got to admit, while they offer a kind message, and are commonly used among Wasaga Beach residents, there is nothing special about them; whereas a unique front door will really make a statement!

So how do you go about selecting the perfect paint colour?

Follow these tips when choosing the right hue:

  1. Select Flattering Colours: Remember the old colour wheel from grade school? This is still a great guide for selecting the perfect hue. Colours at opposite ends complement one another very well. Is your siding moss green? You may want to consider a cranberry red paint for your front door.  The two colours together will instantly add charisma and charm to your home.
  1. Think Nature:  You really can’t go wrong when you choose a natural tone; most of these colours blend effortlessly with any exterior colour and design. Stay away from a potential colour mishap by choosing a hue on the natural end of the spectrum. Instead of a bright banana yellow, consider a warm goldenrod, saffron, or sunflower yellow.
  1. Coordinate: Rather than a painted door that stands out awkwardly, select a colour that’s already being used elsewhere in that general area. Match it to your flower beds, shrubbery, porch furniture, mailbox, etc. Keep in mind that while you want the pieces to coordinate, you don’t want to overdo it or your front door will no longer be the center focus.

Stylish shades to consider:

  1. TURQUOISE. The bold blue-green shade adds a stunning jewel tone to your exterior. It may not work with all architectural styles, but it offers an attractive décor piece for Wasaga Beach homeowners that can make it work.
  1. PLUM.  This eye-catching dark purple hue works perfectly with both modern and traditional-style homes. It looks gorgeous on green or gray homes and adds tremendous flare without overpowering your home. Plus, this colour is said to symbolize “opportunity”. You know what they say when opportunity knocks…
  1. RED. Red is daring and bold. This admired hue is sure to turn heads and stand out among your neighbours. From fire-engine red to rust red, you cannot go wrong with this hue.

Kempenfent Windows and Doors offers a large selection of quality doors when it comes to durability, functionality, and aesthetics. If you’re located in the Wasaga Beach area and are seeking to liven up your front door, we carry several styles, finishes, and wood options to fit your unique taste. Next, it’s time to decide what you want your front door to say to those entering your home; have fun with this and get creative! Are you aiming for relaxation? Energy and personality? Warm and traditional?

The paint colour you decide upon for your front door provides a powerful but easy way to dictate the tone of your home to those coming through. Send the right message!

For more advice when it comes to making the most of your front door, get in touch with Kempenfelt Windows. Our team is happily willing to help at any time!  Call us at 705-737-1554.

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