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Tips For Window Maintenance

Tips For Window Maintenance

What’s the big deal about window maintenance? It sounds like something that doesn’t really require any special time commitment. Window maintenance is perhaps one of the essential parts of maintaining your house in excellent condition. By maintaining your home’s windows correctly, you can ensure your windows stay clean and help them last longer.

Let’s go through all our helpful tips together so you can be an expert at keeping up with your window maintenance.

What is Window Maintenance?

If you have not yet learned about window maintenance, let me explain it briefly to you. Window maintenance is a process that keeps the windows clean and free from dust and dirt, preventing them from being a hindrance to your view and making your energy bills lower. Here are some tips you can use for window maintenance

Window Maintenance Tips


The first tip might be obvious, but it’s also an important one. By providing regular inspections, you can catch signs of damage before they happen. Allowing you to repair it before it gets to the point where you would have to replace your windows. When you are inspecting, look for signs of rot or signs of warped frames.

Proper Tools

The company or person performing the window maintenance should have the proper tools and equipment for the job. One of the most basic things they should have is window cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are a great way to get rid of dirt and grime from the windows. It also helps a lot in keeping the interiors clean and sanitized. Cleaning solutions come in different forms but usually contain degreasing agents like Benzine and Ammonia, which effectively remove grime, dirt and other pollutants from windows.

Clean your Windows Regularly


Window glass needs to be cleaned more regularly than you would the rest of the window. When you don’t, it can let the moisture that is stored in the window cause them to have a cloudy look. Make sure you use the proper cleaner for glass, don’t use the same cleaner that you use for the rest of the window and use a soft cloth.

Inside and Outside Windows/Frames

When it comes to cleaning your window frames, make sure you clean the interior and exterior. Just use a mild soap with warm water with a soft cloth, but make sure to use a damp cloth instead of a soaking wet cloth; that way, the water doesn’t drip elsewhere, causing more of a mess.

Window Tracks

Window tracks help move your windows; ensuring they stay clean is important, so everything stays in working order. You need to use soapy water and a good cloth and scrub them until all the dirt in the track is gone. It is also helpful to ensure you clean the tracks first before you clean the rest of the window, as sometimes the window cleaner can make it more difficult for you to clean the tracks.


Another window maintenance technique is checking the seals on the windows. The window seal is the part of a window that surrounds the pane of glass. If it’s not sealed properly, it can reduce your home’s energy efficiency.

Window Screens

Maintaining your windows screens is just as important as keeping the windows themselves. Screens also have to deal with elements like snow and water, which can lead to them deteriorating. So ensure that you are cleaning your window screens regularly, and inspect them to make sure there aren’t any tears or holes. If there is, make sure that you replace it.


By repainting your wooden window frames, you are helping protect them against the elements from outside, like rain and snow. Not only that, but it helps with their appearance. Before you start painting them, just make sure your windows are clean and ensure you don’t paint over parts that need to move or the window will get stuck.

Damaged Windows

While window maintenance is important, if you have dented, broken, or damaged parts, call your window contractor as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Many times vinyl windows and screens can simply be repaired without any costly window repairs.

By using these window maintenance tips in mind, you can easily upkeep your windows and keep your windows looking fantastic.

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