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Selecting Your New Patio Door

Regardless of whether you are in the midst of remodeling your Barrie home or you would like to replace your patio door(s) because of general wear and tear, it’s helpful to know what options you have. Depending on your tastes and budget, Kempenfelt Windows and Doors can provide you with a selection of choices; from your basic classic style, to an upscale look and feel that you get with French doors.

How do you go about selecting a patio door? Below are a few considerations that will help make your decision easier.

Large Entry Ways

If the design of your home includes a large entryway, our swinging patio doors may be an appealing option for you! Our collection of swinging doors comes in a selection of variations that are unique in appearance, so you’re able to select a design that will work perfectly with your home. Feel free to consult with our team at Kempenfelt Windows and Doors for recommendations or answers to any questions you may have about our swinging patio doors. Depending on what interests you, you may wish to choose from our selection or you may decide to go a different route, opting for a custom-built door; either way, we’ll ensure you’re pleased with your new patio doors.

Tight Spaces

If space is limited and you don’t mind something simple, a sliding door is an ideal choice for your patio. This style is fairly popular due to the fact that their modern design makes them very versatile for any home. If you would like patio doors that are extremely easy to open and close, while using up very little room, then a sliding door will do the trick.

Choosing the Best Style for Your Home

While function is definitely important when it comes to selecting your new patio door, for many homeowners, aesthetics play an even greater role in the decision-making process. Either way, whether you have specific criteria in mind or not, it’s recommended you browse through your options for inspiration. Like any investment for your home, you want to be sure that whatever option you decide to go with that it ultimately improves the appearance of the room and outdoor patio area. By selecting a door that is durable and appealing in style, you should feel confident in your purchasing decision, and the added value it brings to your home.
What to Consider Before Ordering a New Door for Your Patio

• Size of the Entry to Your Patio
• Locking Mechanisms
• Energy-Efficiency
• Design

As you consider the options available to you, feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have in regards to the durability and quality of our patio doors. We offer industry-leading windows and doors in terms of function and design. If you are ready to purchase new patio doors for your Barrie home, contact us today.
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