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Listing Your Home? Tips For Taking The Best Photos

The day is finally here: you’re ready to put your home on the market.

If that day seems far away, we recently went over some tips for selling your home that can help get you there. What comes after that? Getting your house on the market and making it look amazing.

The current first-time home buyer market consists of a generation that grew up with the internet. You can guarantee that anyone looking for a home will start their journey looking at listings online. This first impression of your property is just as important as every other step in the purchasing journey.

With that in mind, how you photograph your house can make all the difference. There are a few things to keep in mind when taking pictures in your house, so let’s get right to it!


Never underestimate the importance of having high quality furniture in your pictures. Similar to clutter, having old, worn out furniture in all your pictures give off a run-down feeling that people don’t want to see when making a purchase.

It might be tempting to just remove all the furniture and take pictures of the empty rooms. The problem though is it becomes hard to truly get a good scale of the size of a room when it’s empty. You also want people to be able to imagine walking through their future home. Having nice furniture in each room can help significantly in achieving that goal.

If investing in brand new furniture isn’t realistic, consider looking up rental furniture for the purpose of staging. Consult an interior design specialist to get the best results for each room. You can be surprised how much an impression the furniture in a room can leave on potential buyers.


Now that your house is ready and looking better than ever, you’re ready to take your photos, right? Well, not so fast. Any professional photographer would tell you that there is a lot more to consider than just the subject of a photo. The way that the lighting is used in the photo can drastically change the quality and mood of the photo.

So, what are some common considerations for lighting when taking pictures of homes? The time of day and weather outside are typical, but noteworthy factors. The light of a sunset coming through your window might seem romantic at the time, but it causes harsh shadows and discolouration in photos that is unflattering in home interiors.

Ideal outdoor conditions for photographing indoor rooms are best when the sun isn’t shining directly through your windows. Overcast days can give you the best natural light from your windows. If you can’t wait for an overcast day, consider pulling the blinds and curtains on your windows to help better control the light coming into your shots.


Now that you have the right lighting, it’s time to consider the best angles for your pictures. This is especially important for smaller, cramped spaces. The angle of the picture can drastically change the appearance of the space available.

Take the time to scope out for the best angle for each room. You will have to consider what the focal point of the room is, where the lights and windows are positioned, as well as showing as much of the room as possible. Now might be a good time to rearrange the furniture to make the room feel as inviting and open. Consider adding mirrors to really make a big impact.

Is It Still Not Right?

Maybe you’re having a tough time getting the angle right, or the furniture you picked out isn’t quite working out the way you wanted. There’s a reason why interior design and photography are both solid career paths worthy of praise. Don’t underestimate the value a professional in the right field can bring to your home.

Or maybe the problem might be the windows after all. Overlooking the visual appeal of your windows in your rooms could be a dealbreaker when it comes to first impressions. Kempenfelt Windows & Doors offers a wide range of window styles that are perfect for any space in your home. Not only will they look great, but our energy efficient windows will make your home more appealing on paper as well! Get in touch with us today if you think your windows need a replacement.

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