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Keeping Your House Safe During The Next Big Storm


The recent tornadoes in our region, including the two tornadoes that made a significant impact in Ottawa in mid-September, have brought a stark reminder that our beautiful region is not immune from potentially devastating weather. Many people in our area aren’t very often put into the position of considering how to protect themselves or their homes from severe weather. Having an idea of what you can do to protect your home can help you and your family be prepared for the next time severe weather hits.

So what should you do? In our region, the major weather threats come in the form of severe winter weather and, now and then, tornadoes. These weather events come with tips that can help year-round;

  • Consider having some storm shutters on hand. While they generally overkill for most weather events in our region, they can provide your windows with excellent protection during heavy winds, hail, and tornado weather.


  • Check your window seals. While this is something that really should be done year round to maintain proper indoor climate, fixing seals will reduce weak points in your windows and doors. In very heavy winds, there is potential for structural damage of your roof if winds are let into the home. Sealing all the windows and doors to keep strong winds out is vital. Sealing windows and doors is also important to ensure that heat won’t escape and create ice buildup.


  • Go over your insurance policies. Knowing what will be covered and what will not be, will prevent negative surprises when the storm clears and it comes time to recover.


  • Check your roof. Repairing any rotting, damaged or missing shingles will help prevent rotting that often results in structural damage. Checking the structure of your roof is also critical during the winter months to ensure that it can handle the weight of heavy snow.


  • Have a backup power source ready. This is especially important in the winter months. A backup power source in the form of a portable gas generator, or perhaps even a propane or gas powered backup generator will do the trick.


More tips to prepare your home can be found here.

Thankfully our region doesn’t often run into severe weather that puts our homes at risk. But keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that your home is prepared if unexpected weather does in fact arrive.

If you’re concerned about the state of your windows and doors, or are thinking that it might be time for new ones, talk to the experts at Kempenfelt Windows and Doors for advice on where to begin and what could work for your home.

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