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Keep Your Garage Door Secure

Now that summer is coming to an end, most Barrie residents are storing their lawn mowers, garden tools, bikes, pool equipment and other valuable goods away in their garage. After all, it’s the one area that provides extra space from your main home, while still providing shelter to your belongings through the winter months.  Unfortunately, your garage door is also a prime target for thieves to enter and exit your home, especially if it’s lacking security features.

Generally the city of Barrie is a relatively safe community, and hopefully most of us haven’t had to experience break-ins; however, why put your home at risk when you can take some simple precautionary steps to stop such an incident from occurring?

Ensure your garage and garage door is 100% secure from potential break-ins with these handy safety tips:

Close and Lock Your Garage Door at All Times

It’s always smart to keep your garage door closed at all times, regardless of whether you’re home or not. You never know who may wander by and catch a glimpse of your valuable items. If something in particular sparks interest, they may look for an opportunity to come back for it. Do not leave windows open if you’re away or in bed. Keep everything locked when nobody is home.  For those Barrie homes that have attached garages, you should have a quality and/or double lock on the door leading to the house, for extra security.

Keep Your Garage Area Well-Lit

Keeping your garage area well-lit will help deter thieves from an attempted break-in, as there’s more chance of getting caught. Lights should be present around all doors and windows if possible. If you’re worried about energy consumption, use motion detecting floodlights that will only come on if there is any movement in close proximity.

Cover Garage Windows

Ensure you have curtains or other window coverings for your garage, to prevent anyone from peeking inside. The last thing you want to do is leave your windows bare; this will draw attention to your valuable items from potential onlookers passing by your home. Consider using sheer fabric or plastic sheets that allow light in, but prevent anything inside the garage from being noticed.

Install a Secure, High Quality Garage Door

Your garage door should offer a reliable and solid barrier, between the interior and the outside world.  You should ensure that your garage door will provide adequate security to your home and your home’s belongings. Select a garage door that is built with high-quality materials yet maintains a welcoming aesthetic, such as Garaga Garage Doors, offered by Kempenfelt Windows and Doors.

Install an Alarm System for Your Garage

Door sensors can send out an audible alarm when the garage door is opened, discouraging anyone attempting to get inside. Alternatively you can use a remote door sensor that starts a silent alarm by sending a signal to a remote monitor or receiver if a door is opened. Several garage door openers already have built-in security features, such a self-closing system or the capability to monitor when the garage door opens or closes.

Your Security Code Shouldn’t be Shared with Anyone

If you use a keypad for access into your garage, don’t ever share the code with anyone. In the same sense, ensure that whenever you’re using the keypad that nobody is nearby watching. If you need to provide the security code to somebody, be sure you trust that individual 100%. It’s also a good idea to change the code regularly for extra security.

Keep Remote in a Discreet Spot

It is strongly recommended that you do not leave your garage door opener clipped to your sun visor. Store it in the glove compartment or another closed area in your car.  Should someone break into your vehicle and find your registration documents, it would be fairly easy for them to use the remote to enter your Barrie home.

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*Original article source provided by: Garaga Garage Doors*

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