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Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

The windows in your home are critical components that assist with the comfort and functionality of your living environment! They not only allow for gorgeous natural light, but they also help to insulate your home, maintaining a perfect temperature that’s just right.  However, when you begin noticing higher than usual energy bills, or notice sun spots on your furniture and floors, these may be strong indicators that your windows are due for replacing.

Like anything, over the years windows show signs of wear and tear that can sometimes be corrected with minor work; on the other hand, they may have reached the end of their life-cycle and only new windows will do the trick! Here are a few sure signs that it’s time to consider replacing your windows:

Difficulty opening and closing:  If you are experiencing issues opening or closing your windows, there is likely a jam. Jams are caused when the windows are off-balance, and when this occurs they can slam shut on their own. This possibility can be a hazard in your home for both children and adults, who if unaware of the issue can very easily get a finger or hand caught in the process of shutting/closing the window.

Noticeable condensation inside your windows:  If you are beginning to notice condensation forming on your windows between layers of glass, there’s a good chance your window seals are failing, and are no longer preventing moisture from occurring inside the glass. Seals need to remain in good condition for adequate window quality; as soon as these signs are visible, it might be time to think about new windows.

Trouble with climate control: Are you feeling a draft that doesn’t seem to go away? It’s never enjoyable to experience a draft throughout your home, especially on cold, winter days. If you are, it’s a possibility that your windows are not sealed properly, or the insulation technology is working against your HVAC unit. In either case, you will notice higher energy bills all year long because of these set-backs, making the decision to invest in new, quality windows a financially wise one.

Energy bills are higher than average:  When costs for heating and cooling are increasing and higher than normal, this may be a sign that your furnace is inefficient, or in a lot of cases, your current windows are simply not energy efficient.  According to the Department of Energy’s (DOE), if you are experiencing an elevation in utility costs, swapping out your current windows for energy-efficient style windows may be your answer. Attempting to repair old windows will likely lead to a larger expense than replacing them. With energy-efficient windows, you will notice that they eventually pay for themselves through reduced heating and cooling costs. Look for windows that are labeled with “ENERGY STAR” for the best windows when it comes to energy efficiency.

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