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How to Step Up Your Front Door Game

How to Step Up Your Front Door Game


A house’s front door is its most important feature. After all, it’s the first thing people see before they enter your home. Your front door makes a statement of your home, so you want to take some time to make sure the space looks good, feels welcoming and also fits your house’s style.

So how do you give your old front door a fresh new look? This guide combines excellent tips on how to update your existing front door to add value to your house or if it’s time to get a new front door so you can get the best curb appeal in your neighbourhood.

Update Front Door Hardware

A great and easy way to upgrade your front door is to update the hardware. These types of updates can be done by yourself or with the help of your handy contractor. So what are the different types of front door hardware you can upgrade? Let’s go through them together.

Door Knocker

A door knocker is a fun and easy way to upgrade your front door. Door knockers are the traditional old-fashioned front door knocker. They’re the original doorbell but are more stylish.

Door Handle

Updating your door is an easy task to complete; however, choosing the right door handle that will match your new door is a little trickier. With so many door handle manufacturers out there today, you need to know how to quickly find the right door handles that will not only make your door look better, but will work well with the functionality of your door.

New Lock

Updating the locks on your existing entry door is also an option. By adding a new lock to your front door, you can increase the level of security to your home, while adding a new look to your door.

Glass Inserts

Another option is to update the glass or to add new glass inserts, which is a perfect way to add some character to your already existing front door. There are many different glass insert designs and colours you can choose from; often, people update the glass on their front door to match a new colour scheme.


If you’re considering updating the appearance of your front door, but you aren’t sure what to do, consider changing the paint.  It’s a very simple way of improving the look of your front door without it breaking the bank.

When it comes to painting, you have several options. If you’ve decided to paint your home in colours other than white, be sure to research the different shades of paint and the shade that will go with the structure, the lighting and your personal style. There are lots of wonderful bold statement paint colours, from traditional mauve to bold reds and oranges. Bold colour choices instantly update your home, making it more interesting and adding a focal point to your entryway. Or you can choose a neutral paint colour for a more contemporary look or a paint colour that will help give your house a softer look and feel. Then you can choose from a flat finish or a gloss which both provide excellent protection and are easy to clean.  With a new paint colour, you can update your exterior and improve curb appeal.

Keep it Clean

Keeping it clean and sparkly will always increase the look of your front door, and it’s simple to do. When it comes to cleaning your front door, it is best to make sure you are careful about the paint, so you do not end up causing damage to it. So be careful of the type of soap you use; something mild is always best, and use a soft cloth. Next, if you have a door with a window, be sure to clean the surface of the glass with a cleaner designed specifically for cleaning windows.

New Front Door

Nowadays, there are so many ways you can add beauty to your house, and one of the best ways is it update your old front door with a brand new one.

There are many types of front doors, and whatever kind of front door design you are choosing, here are some things you need to consider: The number of doors – some people have just one door, but others prefer having double doors. The kind of design – you may go for a contemporary design if your house has modern elements. The material – choose between wood, vinyl or fibreglass. While choosing the best material for your front door, you have to take into consideration factors such as maintenance, durability, security, and esthetics.

It is always a good idea to hire a professional for major renovations like these because they can help you get a new look for your home, and they are trained for such work.

By keeping these simple ideas in mind, you’ll be able to update your outdated front doors. No matter which one of these tips you choose, you can achieve a new level of curb appeal by updating your front doors. Start today and make your home as beautiful as you desire.

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