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Helpful Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door

Helpful Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door


Garage Door Maintenance should be a part of any routine maintenance program you have in place to keep your home’s exterior and interior looking their best. The garage door can become a very large, noisy and expensive piece of equipment if not appropriately maintained.

So how do you maintain your garage door? Below we will talk about all the important ways to maintain your garage door, so you can keep it in peak condition and avoid expensive repairs.

Listen and Observe

A good idea is to periodically inspect your garage door opener and other moving parts to ensure they are in good operating condition. Sometimes, garage door openers and other moving parts can become worn out or even broken down. This can prevent your garage door opener from working the way it should and leave you with an expensive repair bill. Other times, your garage door opener motor may have trouble starting because it’s stuck in a dangerous position. These types of problems require the expertise of garage door opener repair professionals.

Retighten Hardware

As you are constantly using your garage door throughout the year, hardware can loosen up from the movement and be easily fixed by retightening them.

Weather-stripping Maintenance

Along the bottom of your garage door, there is a rubber strip which is called weatherstripping. Weatherstripping ensures that the cold, dirt, or water doesn’t come into your garage. If it’s damaged or in bad condition, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

Another thing to look out for when maintaining your garage door opener is lubrication. Most garage doors are operated with an electric motor. If there is grease or dirt on the moving parts, the engine won’t move properly, which can make it dangerous and cause an accident. Clean the moving parts regularly with a mild lubricant, such as WD40.

Garage Door Balance

When your garage door isn’t balanced, it makes your door opener work overtime, causing it not to last as long as if it was balanced. You can check for balance by pulling the release handle on the automatic opener and lifting the door halfway. If the door doesn’t stay up by itself, then it isn’t balanced.

Clean & Wax

One way that this is done is by regularly cleaning them. In order to clean your gates, you can use soap and water along with a good quality cleaning sprayer. As a rule of thumb, you should clean your door twice a year, and if you find that the dirt has gotten too much for you to clean, then it is time to get them professionally cleaned. This will help you to prevent rust and make your gates last longer.

Another way to help maintain your garage door is using a high quality liquid coat of car wax to your door yearly. It helps keep moisture away so salt and grime buildup is never a problem.

We have the solution if you are in need of a garage door replacement as our garage doors are of the highest quality. If you are interested in finding out more about our products, get in touch with us!

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