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Get the Most Out Of Your Next Garage Door

Replacing a garage door is a daunting prospect for many new and experienced homeowners. While expert advice such as that from Kempenfelt Windows and Doors is widely available to anyone in central Ontario thinking about a new garage door, we understand that it can still be difficult knowing where to start with replacing a garage door.

One of the biggest concerns many people shopping for new garage doors have, is to ensure that they get the most for their money. Garage door replacements are a considerable investment, and many homeowners want the most for their money. As experts in windows and doors for almost 20 years, and as a certified member of the Garaga Experts network we have some tips for you to consider during the buying process.

  1. Research; Knowing what’s out there and who offers what is a good place to start. This can not only give you an idea of what to expect when going to look at garage doors in store, but can also give you some ideas of what might look good on your home.
  2. Style; It is important to put a considerable amount of thought into the style of your new door(s). The key aspect to consider here is whether the door matches not only your home, but also the neighbourhood.
  3. Durability; it’s no secret that in central, southern and northern Ontario, we are vulnerable to some considerably harsh weather year-round. Ensuring your new door is built durable enough to withstand harsh weather, depending on your location, is a critical component to making sure your door lasts as long as possible.
  4. Efficiency; buying an efficient garage door can actually create a savings in other bills that will help pay for your new door quicker. Modern garage door design has had a distinct focus on energy efficiency in terms of insulation. Efficient doors not only reduce energy bills, but they also have a positive effect on home value too! The location of your job is also something to consider, as insulation needs may vary for homeowners in northern versus central Ontario.
  5. Garage door opener; If you have an older garage door opener, replacing your existing garage door may present an opportunity to update your garage door opener to something with newer safety and smart technology. Did you know that there are now garage door openers that can be controlled from your smart phone anywhere in the world?

Whenever you decide to take a look at replacing your aging garage door, Kempenfelt is here to help. Not ready to make a full commitment just yet ? We will provide you with a quote and in most cases can even show you exactly what your new garage door will look like, before you follow through with purchasing it. Just ask us!

Contact us today or come visit one of our showrooms in Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Newmarket or Orillia today to see and learn more about what we offer and how we can help you make the most of your experience!

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