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Consider these Door Features for Increased Security

As technology continues to develop at an increasingly high rate, a lot of people are seeking ways in which they can locate advanced security systems for their home. Of course some of these systems work wonders and are a popular choice among homeowners, there is nothing wrong with going the old fashion route as well when it comes to your home’s security.

If you are looking to purchase a new front door for your home, chances are you will want one that not only looks attractive, but also provides maximum security for your family. With this in mind, check that you select a door that offers at least some of these security features:

security door features

Cylinder Guards

This may go without saying but your doorknob’s lock should be the most secure points of your home’s entryway; unfortunately, in many cases certain security precautions are often neglected and thieves are able to kick their way through your home. If you have metal cylinder guars installed so that they surround the lock, you can rest assure that this will help prevent any attempts to break through your door with a crowbar if and when you are away from your home.

Along with cylinder guards, you may want to think about getting strike plates to place around your lock, deadbolt, and doorknob. The role of these plates is to strengthen the door and the locks in an effort to deter applied force to any of these regions of your front door.

Durable and Solid

Regardless of the type and colour of door you’re after, its structure is what is most important and if you want something that will last, be sure it is designed for longevity and durability. Wood doors shouldn’t be made from veneers over foam, but rather from solid boards. Metal doors are generally a better option than wood.  Metal doors offer more durability, built properly provide excellent energy efficiency, and generally require less maintenance when a heavy gauge steel is used along with a proper paint process.  Be sure when purchasing to inquire about the locking system, thickness and quality of the frame and sill construction, in addition to the paint process and gauge of the steel used.  Proper slab construction will offer superior energy efficiency.

Doors solid in construction will be the best in preventing potential damage. A durable door combined with reinforced locks is even better; you won’t have to stress about the idea of anyone coming through your door while you’re away. Of course, you should apply the same security measures to the rest of your exterior doors; otherwise one will locate a different door that is easier to break through.

Security Hinge

The safety and security of your door depends greatly on the type of hinges used; these hinges must be placed on the inside of the frame rather than the outside; why? Exterior mounted hinges are used for outswing doors and need several extras such as locking screws, pins and other safety items to be effective in stopping break-ins. For this reason, it is in your best interest to stay away from exterior mounted hinges altogether. The good news is that most front doors are built with interior hinges.

Heavy-duty Deadbolt

Lastly, a deadbolt is a must to increase security.  You’ll want a deadbolt that is at least 1 inch in length. Keep in mind that while longer deadbolts may provide additional security, they will also require that you drill further into the door frame to allow space for it. To ensure you’ve chosen a deadbolt with enough strength, always purchase a grade 1 or 2 rated deadbolt.  Another option when purchasing a door is to enquire about MULTI-POINT locking systems.  This style of locking comes with locking points up and down the slab and frame for increased security and performance.  In addition to added security this type of locking system helps with the seal of the door when closed adding to the energy efficiency of your new door.

At Kempenfelt Windows and Doors, we supply an array of gorgeous doors for your Barrie or Newmarket home.  Our doors are designed with safety in mind so that you are never at risk of feeling as though your door lacks security. We will offer you professional installation backed by customer service that is truly unmatched.

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