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Door Buying Guide: What Material Is Best for Your Next Front Door?

If you have been looking into replacing the front door, side door, garage door or any other outer facing door on your home, you might have come to realize that the number of available options for shoppers seems to be endless. With various different material types available, it can be difficult to understand the advantages between two different materials.

Kempenfelt has been helping homeowners across southern, central, and northern Ontario improve their homes and reinvent their front entrances for over 25 years. We carry products built with various different materials and know how to help you pick the door that will work best for your needs and budget.


Although considered the most standard material for doors, wooden doors do have some drawbacks. One of which is that they absorb moisture over time; this can cause the door to warp and bend as it ages. Wooden doors also tend to not insulate as well as other materials. Because of the material and labour involved in their production, wooden doors also tend to be quite expensive. Wooden doors do have a certain warmth and aesthetic that is very unique, but other materials have become highly capable replacements while maintaining this same aesthetic.


Opposite to wood, fiberglass is the newest material on the block for doors. Fiberglass doors have grown in popularity because of their excellent insulation qualities, low maintenance and high durability. Fiberglass doors do not rust or warp, and are very difficult to dent or scratch. Its high-quality design provides a realistic grain appearance, resembling wood without the maintenance needs and expenses of wooden doors.


Steel is another popular material for external doors. Just like fiberglass doors, steel doors offer great insulation qualities. Steel doors that are built with a heavier gauge of steel are typically more durable and resistant to cracking. Steel doors require little to no maintenance and have significant cost advantages over their wooden counterparts. Steel doors are also available in a wide variety of different styles.

If you’re still looking for advice on which material suits your needs best, talk to our team or visit one of our showrooms today to see these materials in person, and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Talk to us today to learn more!

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