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Common Garage Door Problems in the Winter and How To Fix Them

Winter can be a beautiful time of year, but it can also be inconvenient at times. The cold temperatures and inclement weather conditions can cause difficulties out on the roads.

Also, in the winter, outdoor equipment tends to break down more often due to the cold temperatures.

Your garage door is no exception.

Garage doors are usually the first main point of contact when coming home. Perhaps you park your car in the garage or enter your home from a side door in the garage.

Winter can be hard on your garage door. Here are some common garage door problems during the winter and some solutions to fix them.

The Garage Door Sticks or Stops

Metal can contract when the temperature drops, which makes it difficult for your garage door to move up and down. This can usually be corrected by using a forced adjustment on the door. To change the force limit, check your owner’s manual. Alternatively, you can use garage door spray lube on hinges, bearings and rollers to help the opening.

The Garage Door Sounds Like It’s About To Open, But Stays Still

An older garage door opener can cause the door to stick or it can be stuck to the floor due to ice and snow. If frozen ice and snow is causing your door to remain shut, ensure you clear off anything restricting your door from opening because it can damage the gears inside the opener.

Another potential cause of the door not opening is excess grease, which can cause the door to have difficulties going up and down. Cold weather can cause the grease to thicken, so it’s not recommended to grease the tracks during winter.

The Door Refuses to Open

When you’re about to leave for work in the morning, the last thing you want to discover is that your garage door won’t open at all.

There are a number of causes of a garage door refusing to open, including:

  • Snow and ice buildup under your garage door. Make sure to shovel around your garage door and apply cooking spray to the rubber bottom of the garage door to prevent it from sticking.
  • Check to see if any water is leaking under the garage door. This can cause the door to freeze if the water turns to ice or mildew.
  • Broken garage door spring. Many springs break during the winter because the cold weather makes the metal a lot more brittle and more likely to snap. A broken spring should be replaced by a professional.

Ice Between The Door Panels

If your garage door has multiple panels, moisture caught between the garage panels can freeze, which results in the door to lock up and struggle to open.

Ice between the panels is an easy fix. Take a look at your panels to see if there’s ice in between the panels. If so, using a heat source like a hair dryer to melt and dry the area should do the trick. Just make sure you’re not applying too much heat, as it can damage the metal in your doors. After you’re done, check to make sure there’s no remaining moisture so that it doesn’t freeze again overnight.

Damaged or Worn Weather Stripping

Damaged or worn weather stripping isn’t likely to cause problems with the functioning of the garage door; it is a winter-specific issue, especially when the weather is extremely cold.

When thinking of your home, cold air is likely to enter your home when the door opens and closes. You need heavy weather stripping to help keep the cold out of your home.

Likewise, a garage requires heavy weather stripping as well. If you compare the size of a garage door versus the size of your front door, a garage door is much more likely to let cold air in.

Over time, rubber weather stripping begins to harden and crack, which decreases its efficiency in sealing the home from the cold.

If you’ve noticed your heating costs have gone up, check the weather stripping on your garage door.

Looking for a New Garage Door?

In some cases, these common issues are due to a worn, dated garage door.

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