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Cleaning windows with micro fiber cloths

Cleaning Tips To Ensure Your Windows Sparkle And Shine All Summer Long

The first sign of warmer weather here in Ontario usually signals a need to get some cleaning done around the house. Opening the windows while we scrub, dust and sweep provide the breath of fresh air we’ve been longing for, literally. Wiping the dust buildup from behind the fridge is much more satisfying when it’s accompanied by a bright, sunny day.

One cleaning task that is often put on the back burner (especially during the cold winter months) is cleaning our windows. Over the winter, the buildup can accumulate, making for dirty, less than ideal-looking windows. Caring for your windows is crucial to your home’s overall appearance and efficiency. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some window cleaning tips to make sure your windows sparkle and shine all summer long.


How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

As a fan-favourited windows and doors company in Barrie for over twenty years, we get asked a lot of questions about windows. From installation to replacement, we also know a lot about windows! For window cleaning, we recommend that exterior windows should be cleaned twice a year and interior windows should be cleaned once a month. Adding a window cleaning to the top of your spring cleaning checklist (or as a beginning of the month reminder) is a great way to remind yourself.


Window Cleaning Tips

Timing is key

A popular saying goes, “timing is everything,” which is also true when it comes to window cleaning. Make sure you choose a time of day when the sun isn’t directly hitting your windows. This helps to prevent streaking or water spots from appearing on the windows if the water dries too quickly.

Have all your supplies at the ready

There’s very little more frustrating than starting a task and having to stop midway through for running out or realizing you don’t have supplies. Depending on the size of your windows, it can be quite a job and may even require a second pair of hands. Being prepared is the best way to get the job done efficiently.

The best option for streak-free windows is an ammonia-free glass cleaner to remove dirt and grime. If you don’t have any on hand, using one cup of white vinegar to ten cups of warm water is a sufficient substitute. Make sure you have microfibre cloths or paper towels to clean the windows off afterwards.

For exterior windows, you will need a ladder, a vacuum to clean up any debris around the windowsill and a squeegee and a pole for hard-to-reach areas, before cleaning, vacuum or wipe away any debris around the window sill or ledge.

Cleaning Techniques

Did you know that the type of window alters the way in which you should clean it? A windowpane should be wiped from top to bottom. For a picture window, wipe from the corner in an S or Z formation until all the glass is covered. Then, use your squeegee to wipe between each application so that you don’t smear any dirt.

Once you’re done, rinse the window with warm water and dry the window, the frame and ledge with a separate rag. You won’t want the cleaner getting on any vinyl or fibreglass frames, as it can cause discolouration.


Windows Still Not Looking Right?

Even if your windows look less than ideal after a good clean, it could be time for a window replacement. Kempenfelt Windows and Doors has been servicing Barrie and surrounding areas for years. Give us a call at 1-800-841-7469, or feel free to reach out online with any of your questions.

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