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Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home

Are you renovating your current home, or building a new home in Barrie? When it comes to choosing your windows, the importance of using a quality, energy-efficient design should be more prominent in your decision making today than it has ever been.  Older windows are often unreliable; whether they cause leaks, drafts, or repairs, older models are simply not built with the new and improved benefits that are available in today’s industry standards.

Consider the type of glass: Because of being situated in Barrie, Ontario we undeniably experience all 4 seasons. Low-E glass windows are ideal for our climate as they contain a unique metallic oxide coating, used to allow the sunlight in, but also efficient for reflecting approximately 90% of heat energy. During the winter months, light is drawn in easily through the glass, but also reflects back into your home to maintain heat. On the flip side, during the summer months you can benefit from lots of natural light without directing additional heat into your home.

Choose appropriate frames: Glass is not the only contributing factor to energy efficient windows; in fact, window frames play just as important role in providing energy-savings for your home.

Wood: While this is a common option, it’s not ideal for warm or humid temperatures. This is solely because wood tends to require ongoing maintenance and upkeep; however wood window frames offer excellent insulation, for those cold wintery days.

Aluminum: While aluminum provides durability and is considerably light in weight, it doesn’t always hold the heat in as well. Condensation or frost formation may cause problems overtime, especially if the aluminum is of poor quality.

Vinyl: When temperatures spike, drafty windows can result in rising utility costs. Vinyl not only looks fantastic, it’s designed to handle even the coldest of temperatures, while providing exceptional energy efficiency. Plus this option is offered at a very affordable price.  Thermal efficient, steel reinforced vinyl is your best option.

At Kempenfelt Windows & Doors we install premium, quality vinyl windows, manufactured by a recognized leader in high performance vinyl solutions.

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