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Can You Have Your Windows Installed in the Winter?

As the temperatures begin to drop and we’re experiencing those early frosty mornings here in Barrie, it’s officially heating season and time to stay cozy! If you’re bundled up on the couch but still feel a cool chill coming through your windows, it may be an indicator that your windows aren’t performing properly. Window drafts are a sure sign that your window seals are either damaged or the glass is not providing adequate insulation.

As a prospective customer, you may wonder whether a window installation job can be completed in cold weather. Despite more challenging temperatures and weather conditions, at Kempenfelt Windows and Doors, our experienced installers will gladly provide this service to our clients regardless of the particular season at hand. Years of experience help as installation can be quick and the disturbance to your home minimal.


Window Installation in the Winter:

Typically winter installations are pretty similar to summertime, but the processes carried out is slightly different. In an effort to limit the energy consumption in your home, and to prevent heat loss, work is usually completed on one window at a time. Our installers will work diligently to ensure each window is properly installed prior to moving onto the next. While this might make for a longer wait, our team will provide efficient service at all times, providing extra care in minimizing any discomfort or disruption to your household.

Key Benefits:

  • Allergies – Some people are particularly sensitive to pollen in the spring, summer, and fall that their only enjoyable time outdoors is through the winter months. If you have a family member that has significant seasonal allergies, installing your windows throughout the winter is the perfect solution as there is no need to worry about pollen.
  • It’s On Your Time – The greatest reason behind installing windows in the winter is the flexibility to choose when the job is completed. Most people are under the impression that they should wait for ideal conditions such as spring or summer to replace their windows, but doing this project in the winter will provide you with more leeway as we won’t be as busy with other installation projects.  Your contractor won’t have to coordinate with nearly as many other projects.

Through our efficiency, precision, and professional techniques, our winter customers are often surprised at how easy it can be, even with snow on the ground. At the end of the day, the only concern with winter window installations is the potential for bad conditions, which may result in rescheduling. If your installation cannot be carried out on a particular day because of severe rain or snow, we’ll do our best to rearrange it to the next closest available day.

Contact Kempenfelt Windows and Doors  for your window installation needs today! Whether it is replacement windows for your current home or new windows for your dream home, our products are of the highest quality and offered unbeatable price.

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