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Before selling your home, there are six upgrades you can make to your home and windows to increase your chances of selling.

The Seller’s Market is Hot: 6 Home Upgrades To Make Before Listing

If you’ve been paying attention to the housing market right now (particularly here in Simcoe Muskoka), you’ll know that homes are a hot commodity right now. If you’re a homeowner and looking to take advantage of the market, now is a good time to do so. If you’re looking to sell your home, one of the best things you can focus on would be finding the right upgrades. It might take a little bit of time to upgrade your home adequately, so here are some ideas on what you can upgrade in order to achieve better value for your home.


1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Believe it or not, a new coat of paint is inexpensive, yet it will raise the value of the home. Sprucing up your lacklustre walls with a fresh coat goes a long way. Potential buyers will appreciate the fact that their new home is already newly painted and it really brightens a space. A good idea is to opt for neutral paint since it gives buyers a blank canvas.


2. Tidy Up Your Yard

The exterior appearance of the home matters, as it is the first impression a buyer has before setting foot in your home. Tidying up your yard comes in handy to give your home curb appeal and a stellar first impression. While the snow has recently melted here in Simcoe County, you won’t be able to undergo a major landscaping transformation, but you can make sure the outside paths are clear and the exterior is tidy.

3. Replace Your Home’s Flooring

One common home upgrade before listing your home is to replace the flooring. Investing in new flooring can transform the appearance of a space and can increase the value of a home. It’s another great way to give the new buyers the option of a fresh start.


4. Upgrade The Bathroom

You can go with anything from replacing cabinets to new tiling, a new countertop, using frameless glass doors, and so on. The idea is to go for something functional, helpful, and convenient to use. That’s what will offer the best value and results in the long run.


5. Add a Better Lighting System

Simple, beautiful lighting can go a long way. Not every buyer wants something elaborate and complex. Simplicity is key, and most of the time it will be a great fit for most buyers. It does take a bit to implement everything, but the experience can be a wonderful one for buyers.


6. Replace Your Windows

Window replacement is a good idea because it’s relatively inexpensive, and it allows you to improve the curb appeal of your home. Windows are an essential part of your home and protect you from noise and the elements. Installing quality windows is a valuable investment to make in your home.


Choose Kempenfelt For Your Window Installation

There are a multitude of home upgrades that you can make before you sell your home. It all comes down to finding those improvements that will provide you with a significant return on investment when selling your home. If you’re looking for new windows, call Kempenfelt Windows and Doors. We have been voted Barrie’s favourite windows and doors company for 22 years running!

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