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5 Reasons Why Professional Installation Gets Better Results for Window Replacement

Old, outdated windows can be one of the most frustrating elements of home ownership. Poor insulation leads to high energy bills, and drafts make it hard to get comfortable in your own home. Luckily replacing old windows with new ones is an easy way of improving the appearance and efficiency of any property. However, when it comes to taking on a window replacement project, there are two paths you could take—DIY or professional installation.

With DIY solutions being appealing for their cost-effectiveness and convenience, many people choose this route without weighing up all the options, not realizing that professional installation often produces much better results in terms of both quality and longevity. In this article, we talk about six reasons why using a window installation specialist is a smarter choice than attempting such complex work yourself.

#1. Professional Installation Ensures a Perfect Fit

Accurate measurement and installation of replacement windows are key to achieving the desired results. A professional window installer will have the experience and expertise to accurately measure your existing windows and install new ones that fit perfectly. On the other hand, attempting a DIY job could result in poorly fitted frames or an uneven seal which can cause air leaks, drafts, and condensation buildup.

#2. Professional Installers Have the Right Tools and Equipment

Window installation requires special tools and equipment that few of us are likely to have in our home repair toolboxes. Professional installers come with the knowledge and expertise to use these tools correctly for a better finish. For instance, to get a professional-looking job, window frames need to be cut accurately and precisely—a task which requires special tools. Without such specialized tools, DIY projects can easily end up looking shabby and unprofessional.

#3. The longevity of Windows Is Significantly Improved with Professional Installation

With a professionally installed window, you can be sure that it will last longer than one fitted as part of a DIY project. Poorly fitted windows or those not correctly sealed have the ability to let in moisture and air, leading to rusting frames or condensation buildup. This reduces the lifespan of windows considerably while also increasing energy bills.

#4. Insurance Coverage Makes Professional Installation Safer

Professional installers are usually insured for any damages that might occur during installation, meaning you don’t have to worry about being held liable should something go wrong. On the other hand, DIY projects could end up leaving you out of pocket if any accidents occur due to a lack of experience in handling such installations.

#5. Professional Installation Saves Time

Attempting a DIY window installation can be a lengthy and tiring process, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills. Professional installers, on the other hand, are able to complete the job much faster thanks to their experience in dealing with such projects. This means you’ll get your new windows installed and ready for use within just a few days.


Overall, hiring a professional installer for window replacement projects is the smartest option when it comes to achieving quality results. Professional installers not only guarantee an accurate and perfect fit but can also save you time and money in the long run. So, if you’re considering replacing your windows, make sure you choose a professional installer like Kempenfelt Windows and Doors for the job.

If you are looking to replace your windows, call us today to discuss your window installation needs and get a free, no-obligation quote. Let our team of skilled installers help you achieve the best results for your home or commercial building. With over 25 years of industry experience and thousands of successful installations, Kempenfelt Windows and Doors guarantees quality workmanship that will last for years to come. Contact us today to get started!

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