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5 Indications that You Need a Door Replacement

kempenfelt doorsSure, your front door may not be at the top of your list in terms of home improvements that could be completed, and because of this reality they are often forgotten about.  It’s important to realize however, that doors have a lifespan and it’s better to watch for signs of wear and tear before they lead to larger problems for your home. If you notice any of the below signs, it may be a strong indicator that it’s time to consider hiring a professional for your door replacement needs.

Drafts: If you are experiencing an unpleasant chill in your Barrie home, chances are there’s a draft coming from your front door. When the seal around your door shrinks or cracks, this will lead to drafts.When you begin to experience chilly nights while asleep, be sure to check the condition of every door in your home. Likely you’ll discover where the draft is coming from.  

2. Cracks: As soon as you see any visible cracks in your front door, it’s highly recommended you don’t wait for a door replacement. Cracked doors instantly cause drafts, and create the perfect crevices for bugs to sneak their way inside. Lastly, cracks indicate that there is structural damage to your door which could be a safety concern for your family if left unattended.

3. Squeaky Hinges: These are not only extremely frustrating to hear, they are a sure sign of deterioration. Oiling and maintaining your door can only go so far at this point. If your door hinges are beginning to fall apart, you can bet your door is not far behind. Hiring a professional company to install your door replacement is the only solution that guarantees your door’s secure. Loose hinges mean that your door could easily be forced open.

4. Door Scrapes Along the Floor:  When you open and close your door you shouldn’t hear any scraping sounds. If it’s hitting the ground, this is a problem and it should be examined. Old doors can warp or sag, causing damage to your floor each time it’s used. If your patio doors scrape in their tracks, these should be checked as well.

5. Discovering Several Ants or Other Pests: If your door is not closing properly, you can bet little critters will make their way inside. Insects, mice, and other pests are always seeking a warm place they can nestle up in. Nobody wants to discover their existence indoors; they are a nuisance and they can carry several germs into your home.

Whether it’s your front door, back door or patio door, wear and tear can take a toll. A replacement door will provide you with the beauty, security, and longevity you need to complement your home. At Kempenfelt Windows and Doors, we have a large selection of doors our clients can select from. Dealing with drafts and cracks not only takes away from the attractiveness and comfort of your home, it can also increase your utility bills. Save money and hassle and consider turning to Kempenfelt Windows and Doors for your door replacement needs.

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