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4 Reasons Why Your New Door Should Be Made of Fibreglass


Fall is just around the corner, which means changing colours, colder weather, and, for many residents of Georgian Bay, end-of-the-year home changes before the snow arrives. Entrance doors are unique in that they provide both a focal point for your home and a utilitarian method of entry to the house. Entrance doors can be swapped out to immediately change the look of your home for a much cheaper cost than, say, a house repaint or a roof replacement.

However, even if you’re ready for a change, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what material your new entrance doors should be made out of. Allow us to make a recommendation: fibreglass doors are one of the best all-around purchases you can make. Read on to discover our four favourite characteristics of fibreglass doors, and why they’re a great fit for any Canadian home.

1. They’re Super Durable in Any Climate

Canada is a land of many temperatures. From warm sun in the summer to icy winds in the winter, our homes are asked to withstand an incredible variety of changes. That’s one reason why fibreglass doors are such a good choice for your front entryway doors. They’ll handle everything the environment can throw at you without warping, cracking, or rotting – all of which are risks with wood doors. You also won’t have to worry about rust or scratches, like with steel doors.

2. They Give You the Elegance of Wood Without the Extra Cost

There are few doors that provide such immediate elegance as wood. It’s hard to beat their lustre or the endless possibilities for design. However, you can find that same aesthetic appeal in fibreglass doors without the expense of paying for the upkeep of wood. Fibreglass doors can be made to look visually identical to their wooden counterparts, which means that you can get that showstopping first impression at a much lower cost.

3. They’re Great at Insulating Your Home

Fibreglass doors are constructed with a layer of insulating foam at their core, making them terrifically effective at keeping your home at the temperature you want it to be. In fact, fibreglass doors are up to five times more insulating than wood doors, and they’re especially good in the winter. Steel doors can sweat and condense with temperature changes, but fibreglass doors will always look the same, even as they provide energy protection.

4. They Can Be Designed to Any Specification or Colour

Do you want your entrance doors to have a specific shape, or to be a particular colour? Fibreglass doors can be manufactured to meet almost any request. If you want them to mimic the look of a specific grain pattern, or to have a certain texture, they can be made to those precise requirements. Again, if you really want the look of a certain type of wood, fibreglass doors can be made to perfectly imitate the grain, right down to the stain.

Explore Kempenfelt’s Variety of Fibreglass Doors

The best way to know for sure if a fibreglass door is the right fit for your home is to take a look at them in person. Kempenfelt Windows & Doors has two showrooms in Barrie and Newmarket where you can personally see our selection of fibreglass doors. You can also request a personalized quote for a fibreglass door right on our website.

For more information about our fibreglass doors, or to request a showroom tour, give us a call at (705) 737-1554 or send us a message online!

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