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3 Really Good Excuses to Update Your Garage Door for the Spring

We see you there, eyeing your garage door with dissatisfaction. There’s just something you don’t like about it.  Maybe it came with the house when you bought it. Maybe it’s been the backdrop to one-too-many driveway hockey practices. Maybe it’s even become warped or bleached from exposure to the elements. But there’s not really enough to justify replacing the door…or is there?

Sometimes, all you need to move forward is a good excuse. So today, we’re going to provide you with exactly that. No matter if you’re trying to convince your roommate, your spouse, or yourself, we’ve put together three really good excuses as to why you need to replace your garage door this spring.

Go ahead, find the one that speaks to you and use it. We won’t tell.


1. You had some bad luck this winter, and now your garage door is scuffed or warped.

Accidents happen, and the battle scars can stick around after everything’s been cleaned up. Maybe your folks backed into the garage door when they last visited, and now there’s a bumper-shaped scuff mark that’s been molded into the vinyl. Perhaps a tree branch got weighed down by too much ice, and when it snapped, it took a big scratch out of your garage door. Whatever the situation, there was something that wore down your garage door, and now, as spring approaches, you’re left wondering what to do about it.

Physical damages to your garage door don’t just impact how it looks; they can change how well it preserves heat, how strong it is, and whether or not it does a good job of keeping weather and vermin outside. Don’t resign yourself to living with the aftermath of a damaged door. Go ahead and get a fresh garage door, and make the rest of the year as safe and warm as it can possibly be.


2. You’re considering selling your home this year, and you want to impress buyers.

The housing market in Barrie is, to put it mildly, incredible right now. House prices are projected to rise by more than 9%, which means that if you’ve been considering selling your home, 2021 would be a great year to do it. However, as great as the market is, your home could always use a helping hand to make sure it brings in the best sale price. What better place to begin with improvements than with your garage door?

Installation is usually included with the purchase (or at least, it is at Kempenfelt Windows & Doors!), which means it’s one less thing you have to worry about. A new garage door is also an instant, easy way to completely change how the front of your home looks. If you want to stun potential buyers as soon as they pull into the driveway, a modern, clean, sturdy garage door is an effortless way to go about it. Plus, you can view it as an investment – whatever you spend on the door, you can likely recoup through the sale of your home.


3. You want better protection for your garage and for your home.

Flimsy, cheap garage doors are affordable, but if you can wiggle your way into the garage just by tapping the lower panel with your foot, then the illusion of security is precisely that: an illusion.

What happens if someone tries to get into your garage to rummage through your belongings, or if a wild animal decides that the garage would be a perfect, cozy place to spend the weekend? If you (like most homeowners) have a door that leads from the garage to your hallway or kitchen, then a good garage door doesn’t just matter for the garage area. It’s literally one of the first lines of protection for your home.

Putting a value on the kind of peace of mind a new, sturdy garage door can offer is a challenge. What would you pay to not lie awake at night, listening to the wind rattling against your flimsy garage door and wondering when it’s finally going to give way? How much value do you place on security?

Plus, as an added bonus, there are plenty of garage doors out there that come with robust security measures and surprisingly lovely, elegant designs. It’s the ultimate two-in-one purchase: a style upgrade for your home and a simultaneous security upgrade for your peace of mind.


Discover the Perfect Garage Door (Installation and All)

At Kempenfelt Windows & Doors, we proudly carry an incredible selection of garage doors from GARAGA, the Canadian leader in high-quality garage doors for over 30 years. You can find garage doors in every style, from sleek, contemporary looks to classic, traditional styles. When you’ve found the right garage door for your home, you can buy with confidence, knowing that your purchase also includes professional garage door installation services.

You can even build your own ideal garage door online with our Garage Door Builder Tool, allowing you to daydream right from the comfort of your own home. When you’re done designing, press the Get Your Quote button and take the first step towards making your vision a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about garage door installation for your home or business in Simcoe County, give us a call at (705) 737-1554 or contact us online.

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