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13 Must Read New Ideas for Selling Your Home Online

Although predictions were that home sales were going to drop in Ontario due to recent changes, the statistics show that the housing market is still going strong in 2013.

Thanks to an article in Readers Digest, here are some very relevant ideas on selling your home online whether through a Real Estate Agent or a DIY:Audit your Agents


1. Online Marketing

Most real estate agents “get it” that a lot of home buyers do research about what is available to them online before they even approach an agent. Images and videos will get the buyer’s attention first and foremost.

2. YouTube

Nothing entices a buyer more than hearing about the benefits of your home – the great features of your neighbourhood, what is close at hand in the way of stores, parks, etc. and maybe your memories of the deck you built and the great family bbq’s and parties.  The potential buyer would be able to visualize the great times they, too, could have in this home

3. Let your neighbors choose their neighbours.

What a “novel” idea.  We all know that referrals are “gold”.  What better way to get the word out about your house than inviting the neighbours to an open house viewing – they may just know of some friends or family that would be interested.

4. Facebook your home’s listing.

Almost all of us are on Facebook these days and well connected to local people we know.  Post that you are selling with pictures and/or videos that can be shared among your connections.

5. Leave some good stuff behind

Another great idea!  Home buyers expect to be supplied with appliances in most cases.  Why not throw in the great new patio furniture you bought that looks so good on the deck, or the trampoline or a swing set you bought for the kids or some of those organizing shelves you put in the laundry room

5. Beat the competition with condition

Nothing entices a buyer more than a shortlist of repairs or upgrades. Invest a little in repairs of minor issues in your home like nicks and scratches. Get a maintenance check done on your furnace and air conditioner. Recondition that wood trim on your cabinetry. Resurface your kitchen or bathroom counters that are showing their age

6. Stage the exterior of your home too

We have all heard about “curb appeal”. Resurface your driveway. Add a few additions to your front yard like solar lights or some red cedar chips and/or stonework around the garden and maybe a fresh coat of paint

7. Access is essential

You may be getting competition from homes that are currently empty and can be shown at any time.  And people are busier now more than ever before.  Make it easy for your real estate agent to make appointments with prospective buyers to work around “their” schedules.

8. Get real about pricing

Buyers who do research before they buy are going to be educated on realistic pricing. If you have a good real estate agent, they will already have done the research themselves to see what homes in your area (that have similar characteristics) have actually sold for.  Beware of real estate agents that guesstimate what you can list your house for. You could actually price at a modest 10% lower than anyone else. More buyers will come and a “bidding war” may happen

9. Get clued into your competition

Do your own research and attend a few open house events in your area to see what your competition is – how do their homes look, what are they offering in perks…

10. De-personalize

A prospective buyer is viewing your home and visualizing what they would do in this space.  If you have a lot of clutter or personal memorabilia, they will have a hard time dreaming up what they could do to make it their own.

11. De-clutter

It only makes sense to pack up those items on your countertops, pictures of the family, stacks of books, dvd’s, games and magazines, etc. that distract from a clean, organized and functional living space.

12. Listen to your agent

It is wise to find an experienced real estate agent with a good track record.  Ask for referrals from friends and family and when you choose the one you feel you can trust, listen to their advice as it is “in their best interest” to show your home at it’s best and get the price he/she and you are looking for.

Have you had any experiences in buying and selling that you can share with us?

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