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10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For New Windows

If your home is in need of new windows, you’re likely wondering how to prepare your home for the installation process. Replacing windows can be a big investment, but it can be a smooth and successful project with the right planning and preparation. In this blog post, we’ll share ten tips on how to prepare for new windows. We’ll discuss what to expect during the installation process so that you’re familiar with the process.

How To Prepare Your Home For New Windows

It’s almost time for your new windows to be installed, so now is the time to start preparing your home. Here are ten tips to help you get ready:

Create Extra Storage Space

Before starting the process, it’s a good idea to make extra storage space in your home. This will give you a place to store any furniture or belongings that need to be moved out of the way during the installation.

Deactivate Alarm system

If you have an alarm system, be sure to deactivate it before the installation process begins. This will allow the installers to move around your home without setting off the alarm.

Remove Blinds or Curtains

You want to remove any blinds or curtains from the windows that will be replaced. This will give the installers clear access to the windows and make the process go more smoothly.

Clear The Furniture Around Windows

You’ll need to clear away any furniture that is around the windows. This includes couches, chairs, end tables, and anything else that might be in the way.

Remove Wall Decorations

If you have any pictures or other wall decorations around the windows, you’ll need to remove them before the new windows can be installed.

Clean The Windowsills

Make sure to clean the windowsills before the new windows are installed. This will help ensure a clean and smooth installation process.

Prepare for Dust and Debris

During the installation process, there will be dust and debris created. You will want to cover any nearby surfaces with plastic or a tarp to protect them from damage.

Ensure Outside Access

If you have bushes or other plants near the windows, it would be a good idea to trim them back so the installers have easy access to the outside of your home.

Clear The Area Around Your Home

You’ll need to clear a path around your home for the delivery truck. Remove any cars from the driveway and park them on the street.

Create A Safe Place For Children And Pets

If you have children or pets, ensure to create a safe place for them to stay during the installation process. This will help ensure their safety and avoid any accidents.

The Installation Process

Now that you’ve prepared your home for the new windows, let’s discuss the installation process. The first thing you’ll need to do is schedule an appointment with a reputable window company. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, the installers will come to your home and take measurements of the windows.

As soon as you’ve chosen the windows you want, the company will schedule a time for installation. The installers will arrive at your home and begin the process of removing the old windows. They will then clean up any debris and start installing the new windows. Once the new windows are in place, they will finish up by caulking and sealing them.

After the installation is complete, you can sit back and enjoy your new windows! With proper preparation, replacing your home’s windows can be a smooth and successful project. Following these tips can help ensure that your new windows are installed quickly and efficiently.


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